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At Mr and Mrs Mechanical, we are an automotive repair shop and tyre dealer.
We provide a number of services that keep you safe on the road.

All Mechanical Repairs

We have a fully equipped workshop that enables us to perform all types of mechanical repairs. It is essential to choose a workshop that makes repairs fast and at an affordable rate. Our technicians offer comprehensive services that keep your car running in like-new condition. Thanks to our experience, you deal with a mechanic who performs diagnostic tests so that problems are detected early. Some of the most common issues involve your starter, suspension, radiator and transmission.

If you have trouble starting your vehicle, we will first examine your ignition and your battery. It is important to have a dependable vehicle, so we resolve the problem quickly. To maintain the comfort of your drive, we deal with suspension issues as well. The suspension system takes extensive abuse from the road. To ensure smooth operation, we check your springs, shocks, and similar components.

If steam is coming from under your hood, your radiator may require repairs. This part keeps your engine cool. When clogs or leaks occur, problems are likely. We examine the issue and make things right. Transmission problems are common as well. This is the part of the vehicle that keeps your car moving. When things start to slip or shift wildly, your transition should be examined. Our technicians can assess any issues and perform repairs or a rebuild.

General Servicing

At our facility, we understand the importance of maintenance. When you have an experienced mechanic examining your vehicle and performing routine part changes, your vehicle will enjoy maximum efficiency. It extends the life of your car as well. The most important part of routine maintenance is the ability to find small problems before they become major headaches.

Our general services include both minor and major issues so that your car remains reliable. We check your fluid levels so that problems are avoided. Also, we clean and replace filters and belts. When necessary, we perform oil changes. When you need new tyres, we offer a giant selection that meets the requirements of your vehicle. We always put our customers first and provide friendly and non-pressured services.

Engine Tune

With time, your engine loses efficiency. A tune-up corrects any issues and increases fuel economy. After an engine tune, you will drive away enjoying heightened performance and greater safety. A tune-up is performed according to manufacturer’s recommendations. Every vehicle requires an engine tune at various times. Usually, it is essential when you notice a drop in fuel efficiency. Throughout the procedure, all worn parts are replaced. Spark plugs and leads are cleaned or replaced. If necessary, we perform ignition tuning as well.

Air Conditioning Service

Your car’s A/C system provides a comfortable inside environment, especially when the exterior temperatures are high. During routine operation, a great deal of heat is created by the engine. When this is combined with the warmth of the sun, your car needs cooling. Besides offering cool air, an air conditioner circulates and purifies the air. Refrigerant is the major ingredient in the system that removes heat. It cycles continuously through a compressor that depends on the work of a drive belt. Also, there is a condenser, evaporator and other parts that keep the system working. If one aspect goes haywire, you will experience problems with your car’s cooling.

This type of problem can get quite costly, so it is important to address your issues quickly. For example, if refrigerant levels are low, it may damage the compressor. Our technicians will examine your system, check for clogs and perform repairs so that you remain comfortable in your vehicle.

Classic/Old Car Servicing

When you have an old or classic car, it is important to work with a business that is familiar with these types of vehicles. Since parts may be limited, it is important to have someone who knows how to perform repairs without problems. If your classic vehicle is burning a lot of oil or has poor engine compression, our experts will get to work and diagnose the problem. It is important to note that excess mileage often leads to the need for an engine overhaul. Minor issues can be repaired, however a complete rebuild may be necessary. No matter what the problem is, we have the knowledge and tools to solve the issue and to get your older vehicle back in top shape.

Auto Electrical Services

Auto electrical services involve electrical diagnosis and repairs. We install electrically-operated devices like driving lights, anti-theft systems and similar items. Also, we provide battery diagnostics and replace the battery where necessary. Besides installing lights, we make sure that everything is aimed properly so that safety is maximized. Above all, if your car seems to be having a different electrical issue, our technicians will perform an inspection to determine if any wires are causing problems with your car’s vital systems.

No matter the services that you need completed on your vehicle, Mr and Mrs Mechanical will schedule a convenient appointment, uncover any problems and perform repairs. Our top priority is customer safety. For more information, visit our Facebook page.

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